MC/BEAM token migration – Disclaimers and Disclosures

Before choosing to interact with the MC/BEAM migration smart contract, please carefully review these disclaimers and disclosures, MIP-28, MIP-29, any applicable terms and conditions for, the open-source code of the migration smart contract and Quantstamp's audit report relating to the migration smart contract. Use the technology only at your own risk. You assume all responsibility relating to migrating your MC tokens.

By interacting with the MC/BEAM migration smart contract, you confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted the following disclaimers and disclosures:

  • The ability of the website (the "Site") to connect with third-party wallet applications or devices is not an endorsement or recommendation to do so by or on behalf of the operators of the Site, and you must assume all responsibility for selecting and evaluating and incurring the risks of any bugs, defects, malfunctions or interruptions of any third-party wallet applications or devices you directly or indirectly use in connection with the Site.

  • The migration smart contract is an open-source protocol made available to the public. At no time should the migration smart contract be deemed to be a product or service provided or made available by the Merit Circle DAO or us. The migration smart contract enables MC tokenholders to migrate their MC tokens to BEAM tokens for a period of 12 months counting from the time the smart contract is open for migration. It will not be possible to migrate MC tokens to BEAM tokens by use of the migration smart contract after the end of the 12-month period.

  • The migration smart contract system is – as other smart contracts on Ethereum – a software system that is accessible directly through Ethereum node providers (such as Infura) or indirectly through compatible Ethereum wallet applications (such as the web browser plugin Metamask) which interacts with such a node. Interacting with the migration smart contract does not require use of the Site, but the Site may provide a convenient and user-friendly method of reading and displaying data from the migration smart contract and generating standard transaction messages compatible with the migration smart contract. The Site does not interact with the migration smart contract and does not conduct any transaction on your behalf. Because the Site does not provide Ethereum wallet software or Ethereum nodes, such software constitutes an essential third party or user dependency without which transactions cannot be exercised. There is no guarantee of the continued operation, maintenance, availability, or security of any of the foregoing or APIs, middleware and servers of third parties.

  • The migration smart contract has been audited by the smart contract auditor Quantstamp. However, hackers, individuals, other malicious groups or organizations may attempt and succeed to interfere with any wallet application, the Ethereum blockchain or the migration smart contract in a variety of ways such as malware attacks, denial of service attacks, consensus-based attacks, sybil attacks, griefing, smurfing and spoofing, which may lead to a loss of your tokens. Transactions on the Ethereum blockchain are irreversible. Any MC tokens you send to the migration smart contract cannot be returned nor can you migrate any BEAM tokens back to MC tokens by use of the migration smart contract.

  • The migration smart contract and all related facts and circumstances have not been reviewed, approved, endorsed or registered with any regulator or other governmental entity. The creators of the migration smart contract are not licensed by any regulator or other authority to provide any legal, financial, accounting, investment or other advice or services.