The future of gaming
is bright. On Beam.


As a DAO, our mission is to revolutionize gaming by empowering individuals to play a role in shaping its future.

A new era
of gaming

Beam is an open source blockchain specialised for gaming. It is an ecosystem that simplifies the complexities of game development and dramatically enhances the gaming experience. Putting the focus back on the player.

Smart contract accounts

Uninterrupted gaming experiences, just like in the old days.


Beam SDK

Programmatic control over accounts and transactions with great flexibility.


Chain agnostic
product suite

Beam Companion App

Play, trade and collect with friends

Beam Companion App

Beam’s native game
asset marketplace.


Everything gaming
in one central hub


By gamers, for gamers

Ownership, creativity and enjoyment

Changing the rules of the game

Through ownership and rewarding merit, games are now governed by the players. The industry is shifting towards a transparent, dynamic and participatory ecosystem empowering everyone involved.

We’re building a vertically integrated gaming DAO

We are maximizing treasury value through early stage investments, NFT strategies and yield farming.

Our studios arm aims to publish creative projects and actively develop and incubate new projects.

We’re creating an engaging and rewarding community for the gaming industry by offering games, industry education and practical tools.

Providing the essential infrastructure for the future of the gaming industry through our cornerstone products like Beam and Sphere.

"It’s exciting to realize we’re on the verge of an industry that’s bound to change. Positioning ourselves the right way will help us thrive in the future."

Marco van den Heuvel, CGO

Marco van den Heuvel, CGO

We’re working with the best games web3 has to offer

Explore the variety of games we are playing across the gaming industry including everything from exciting first-person shooters, MMORPGs and MOBAs to competitive card battlers.

Meet Edenhorde, our own flagship NFT project

All managed through a DAO

Merit Circle is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) where every single person that holds MC tokens has voting rights to decide on our future.

The Merit Circle DAO


The Voting Platform


Governance Forum



The treasury status of the DAO, transparently displayed in a dashboard.


Powered by the Merit Circle token, your bet on the future of web3 gaming

Owning the MC token allows you to participate in the next wave of gaming. Stake your tokens, and increase your voting power.

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