Together we build the future of gaming

On a mission to revolutionize gaming.

The Merit Circle DAO is an ever-evolving digital ecosystem built by a global community to ensure the future of gaming. With a strong foundation in the web3 space, we are committed to integrating the endless possibilities of blockchain technology with the latest in gaming to create the next generation of immersive gaming experiences.

With the continuous development of game mechanics, use cases for online environments, technological advancements and a gaming landscape that screams for change, a revolution in the gaming industry is imminent.

Embracing blockchain technology and incorporating these new capabilities into immersive gameplay will not only spark a technological revolution, it will change the way we interact with games completely. The effort and skills put into games turns into actual ownership for the user, games will be in the possession of the crowd, not the developers.

These new technologies open up limitless potential to transform games into something much greater. Answering our desire to make this future a reality, we’ve been building the Beam network – A gaming network that allows game developers to seamlessly integrate blockchain technology into their games.

Introducing Beam: A new era for gaming.

Beam is an open source blockchain specialized for gaming. It is an ecosystem that simplifies the complexities of game development and dramatically enhances the gaming experience. Putting the focus back on the player.

Beam represents a revolutionary set of tools crafted for both gamers and developers alike, with a vision to extend its reach across numerous gaming communities and studios. The current suite of products is currently as follows:

Beam Companion App: Designed for gamers on the Beam network. a neat mobile app that lets web3 gamers keep track of their gaming assets and statistics. Download the app: IOS; Android.

Sphere: Beam’s NFT marketplace for gaming assets.

Beam Hub: A place to discover new games and take part in tournaments.

Beam OS: All of our products tied together into one unified experience, packaged into a user experience that’s familiar, customizable and truly yours.

Beam SDK: The invisible layer empowering game developers to build things their way. Beam does not dictate how or when the SDK should be used. Developers can simply pick what they like, and leave out the remaining options.

Beam will become the go-to party to any game developer that wishes to integrate blockchain technology, and any gamer that wishes to embrace the possibilities of web3, powered by the $BEAM token required to make any transaction on the network.

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