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Explore a variety of games we are playing across the metaverse. Exciting first-person shooters, MMORPGs, MOBAs to competitive card battlers.

From play-to-win to play-to-earn

Through ownership and rewarding merit, games are now governed by the players. Innovative in-game economics reward players for their performance, creating a new economy in the Metaverse.

Crypto Raiders


Crypto Raiders is a utility-based NFT RPG game; where players can raid dungeons, conquer enemies, earn loot and return to their homeland victorious.

Crypto Raiders is a highly-interactive NFT-based dungeon crawler, built on the Polygon network. It includes PvE game modes such as a weekly dungeon, as well as an ‘Endless’ dungeon that can be entered once a day. The game will also feature a PvP dueling mode, where raiders take on one another in tournaments for in-game rewards. Players enter the battle-ridden lands of Airium, where the forces of good and evil are pitted against each other in an eternal battle; and are presented with a choice. Players can either join the raiders or own the dangerous mobs that feed on them.



Club is a Free-to-Play and Play-and-Earn football ownership game with a flourishing community and equitable in-game mechanics. Club is set to push the bounds of Free-to-Play games further, making it more accessible to gamers across the world.

Club is a football ownership game where players can create and build up their club and dream-team, compete with other clubs in tournaments and earn in-game rewards for their activities. It is playable through mobile devices, and will be available free to play on iOS and Android. The gameplay incorporates real-time elements, allowing football club owners to quickly and decisively react to changes in the transfer market, player performance and much more.



Tatsumeeko is an MMORPG-lite game that will be playable on iOS, Android, Web, Discord, and other chat platforms, integrating mobile communities and connecting them with a rich and modern fantasy RPG world.

Players awaken in the mysterious lands of Steyria, full of magic and advanced technology. Alongside friends and community members, players travel through these lands, building up their teams of characters and battling evil bent on destroying Ielia. To help them find their footing, Tatsumeeko includes daily quests that are distributed through content passes. By completing quests, players can unlock new cosmetics, skins, gear and earn the currency of the in-game economy.

Dapper Dinos


Dapper Dinos is a family-friendly NFT project consisting of 9,999 programmatically, randomly generated dinosaurs living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Dapper Dinos is an NFT project that aims to distinguish itself from its more traditional counterparts by bringing a family-friendly and inclusive atmosphere to the web3 space. It began with the idea of creating a collection that could be enjoyed by people of all ages while building a charitable and caring community where both holders and gamers could come together.

Cantina Royale


Cantina Royale is a tactical arcade shooter play-and-earn game built on the Verko Layer 2 utilizing the latest Metaverse Experience Framework.

Cantina Royale is a top-down tactical arcade shooter game featuring multiple PvP and PvE game modes. These range from single player modes like missions and raids, to multiplayer modes such as arena matches and a battle royale. With lead investors such as Elrond and Mechanism Capital, backers including Animoca Brands and Crypto.com, expectations for the gameplay are high.

Axes Metaverse


Axes Metaverse is a blockchain-based meta-universe created by Azur Games, one of the world's leading mobile game publishers.

The Axes Metaverse brings together a variety of games from different genres, each offering its own unique gaming experience. These include playing as a solo hero, commanding a squad of heroes in tactical teams and battles, and finally participating in multiplayer wars for land ownership



Welcome to SHRAPNEL, the world’s first blockchain-enabled first-person shooter (FPS) game, developed by a BAFTA and Emmy award–winning team of game industry veterans at NEON.

As the first competitive multiplayer FPS that empowers players to create, trade, and truly own their player-created content on the chain, SHRAPNEL has the potential to be the next industry-defining FPS franchise for a massive generation of players and creators.



Blockstars is a deeply social, deeply immersive and deeply engaging music management simulation game on the Solana blockchain.

Blockstars is a music management simulation game, in which players put together bands of musicians called Blockstars, who write, record & release singles, package their greatest hits into albums, go busking & gigging, put in the time & effort to imrpove their skills and ultimately work towards the goal of earning enough money to start & upgrade their own record label - which in turn unlocks a whole new game loop in which players sign up & nurture the next generation of Blockstar talent.

Fight of The Ages


FOTA is a Triple-A MOBA Game Project where players build, explore, and duel against other gamers in three fantasy realms: Greenland, Earth, and Nightmare.

FOTA is a Triple-A MOBA Game project owned by Meta DJINN PTE.LTD and based in SINGAPORE, with a fantasy universe inhabited by many races throughout the universe. In the world of FOTA, NFT Technology is optimized so that users can feel the possibility of owning valuable digital assets during the journey.

Tiny Colony


Tiny Colony is a Pixelated ecosystem built on the Solana blockchain, encompassing various game modes, events, and experiences; including the first-ever Construction and Management Simulation Blockchain Game.

In the Tiny Colony Metaverse, AKA, the Tinyverse players can build and grow advanced Ant Colonies, defend their bases against dark forces that roam the underground, challenge other players to battles, form alliances, and trade with one another to participate in large-scale community events. Tiny Colony is an all-encompassing Metaverse with limitless opportunities for expansion.

Planet Mojo


Mojo Melee is Planet Mojo's upcoming player vs. player (PvP) auto chess battler game, reimagined for the blockchain

Mojo Melee is a competitive PvP AutoChess game with multiple match modes. Players battle other players using characters from a team made up of a Mojo and Clan Champions. Before each Mojo Melee match, players will choose a set of characters to form a team. The contestant with the last fighters standing wins the battle.



Footium is a Web3 Football Management game that allows players to become the owner, manager and scout for their very own football club.

Footium brings a fresh play-to-earn spin on this household game mode by empowering gamers through ownership. The team behind Footium has brought football management onto the blockchain, introducing a variety of interesting use-cases. Imagine generating revenue from all the time spent playing, and then using this to increase the value of football players and their club.



Cryptobots is a Play2Earn game that merges two genres: a collectible RPG and a space grand strategy.

With the latest advancements in the industry, the team behind Cryptobots have set their sights on releasing a revised version of this 2017 classic. Taking it beyond the core gameplay, this revision will introduce opportunities for players to form alliances or rivalries in their quest for power, resources and prestige.

Goons of Balatroon


A 2D/3D hybrid metaverse featuring Free 2 Play 2 Earn card strategy gaming and land ownership. Ridiculous. Chaotic. Fun. Play for free and earn!

Goons of Balatroon (GOB) is a unique blockchain-based trading card game that incorporates 2D and 3D elements to create an immersive and quirky universe. Join players in selecting their Goon, a zany, wacky character that roams the lands of Balatroon. Engaged in an everlasting battle, players can choose to join the ‘Bulas’ or the ‘Bairs’ faction, and compete to stay on top.

Elfin Kingdom


A unique play-to-earn platform that seamlessly fuses DeFi and GameFi into one gaming metaverse.

Elfin Kingdom is a free-to-play game on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that only requires a wallet for one to start exploring. Set in a colorful, open metaverse, this massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) is heavily inspired by Pokémon and its lore.

Blast Royale


Players are pitted against each other in a 'last one standing' Battle Royale survival match. Players earn rewards based on their performance, invested time and overall effort.

Blast Royale prides itself on being an accessible cross-platform mobile-first battle royale metaverse developed on the blockchain. As a decentralized gaming ecosystem, everyone is incentivized to actively participate. While ambitions are big, Blast Royale is starting with an enticing game that’s bound to draw in the masses.



The year is 1898. The greatest industrial minds from across the globe are racing to claim their piece of Undra - a newly discovered land with enormous untapped potential...

Undra is an MMO based on strategy and collaboration, where the actions and choices of the community shape the world in profound and permanent ways. The phased release of Undra means that new layers of gameplay will be added regularly, dramatically increasing the options available to players with each instalment. The next release focuses on governance. This process will culminate in the release of real-time cooperative missions, calling for players to enter Undra's depths and work together to secure resources, battle subterranean wildlife, and recover forbidden relics.

The Lords of Light


An expansive realm where heroes, mythological creatures, and crypto legends come together to quest, craft, and wage war.

The Lords of Light is Raini's hotly anticipated competitive trading card game, which will put your skills to the test against other players in a battle for strategic superiority. Collect and command armies consisting of your favourite crypto legends and mythical creatures alike in a battle for domination of the multiverse.

Drunk Robots


RPG play-to-earn game that invites players to participate in a wide range of games.

Enter Los Machines, a futuristic city inhabited by a variety of drunk and junky robots with a mere interest in metal, beer and violence. In this alternate world in which the robots have been let loose to build their own dysfunctional society, where power is taken, not earned. The fate of the city lies in the hands of the players who have to take control of these rogue robots. Throughout a series of games, players can interact with their unique robot NFT and earn along the way. The game has smartly combined engaging PvP battles with free-to-play mechanisms allowing everyone to participate. There will be PvP brawls, expeditions, mining where players might receive rare items and mini-games in various forms and shapes.



Civitas is a community driven, collaborative city-building game that can be played in combination through PC and mobile.

As a part of the 4X strategy genre, it allows players to scout out areas, claim new territories, gather and efficiently use resources in areas that they occupy, and compete against other players. In these lands, diplomacy is key. Unlike other games found in this genre, players in Civitas can work individually or collectively to build cities together. Depending on the playstyle, players can choose to form alliances or rivalries on their quest for expansion. Players begin with a small plot of land in a city of their choosing. They may begin by farming their land and using the resources for themselves or by contributing to the broader advancement of their city.

A Far Away Realm (AFAR)


AFAR is a free-to-play game built by the experts at Lava Labs that is accessible through any web-browser and combines elements of arcade and shooter gameplay with blockchain technology

AFAR offers two types of in-game roles for players to choose from. More laid-back and trade-savvy players can become space merchants and farm their plots of land to collect power-crystals. They can then use these to fuel their spaceships, build items and purchase products crafted by others on the market. For the players looking for more action, become a gladiator and compete in galactic tournaments to earn prizes, power-crystals and build their reputation. Space merchants and warriors can strategize with one another, sharing their best equipment and their spoils of battle to rise to the top of the ranks!



Massive open world that players can experience through its stories, challenges, world events and immersive gameplay.

Ascenders is an action-packed RPG set in the third person that urges its players to “explore, fight and build” through its sci-fantasy metaverse. Once strapped into the game, the story takes players across a series of dungeons in a large connecting overworld.



Massive multiplayer combat game MetalCore, combining play-to-earn & win-to-earn

Studio 369 and Umbrella Network have come together to unite their expertise in gaming and blockchain and NFTs respectively to create a visually stunning, open-world combat action game with the aim of appealing to more serious gamers.

Sidus Heroes


First ever WebGL, AAA-level, play-to-earn, NFT and MMORPG.

Sidus Heroes takes place within the metaverse at a point in time where technological advancements have merged with all living beings. Players and characters will belong to one of a number of different blockchain-inspired races and will have different strengths based on the chain’s attributes. Players will be able to fight in the Battle Arena, build fighting legions, run for power and represent their race on the political stage, craft and sell products, mine resources or simply travel across the metaverse. There will be no limit to what players can experience or what the team can build.

Mob land


The mafia-themed metaverse built for the crypto era.

Mob land is the Mafia metaverse built for the crypto era, with the first ever Free-2-Play-2-Earn engine which is introducing the revolutionary MAFIA as a DAO (MaaD) system, bringing Free-2-play into Play-2-Earn.



Stylish role-playing game (RPG) fashions a fantasy world where players can collect heroes, weapons and equipment to combat others in exchange for tokenized rewards.

WonderHero is a multi-chain project on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and ERC20 that utilizes Polygon (MATIC). It is a turn-based game played on mobile platforms Android and iOS. Tactical and engaging, this RPG features exceptional anime-inspired design and concepts.

Heroes of Mavia


Clan-based strategy game powered by NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain

Heroes of Mavia is an online multiplayer strategy game in which players build and establish bases strong enough to withstand opposing armies. Set on a fantasy-themed island called Mavia, the game is noticeably PvP-centric, having taken inspiration from Clash of Clans, one of the largest games on mobile with over 29 million active users. Players work as the commanders of their base. Their objective is to grow their army and defend their land from external attacks by enemy commanders. Upgrading their headquarters, deploying decoys, and assembling air defenses are just some of the many ways to strategically lead a base to victory

Hash Rush


Real-time NFT Strategy game

Hash Rush is an online sci-fi/fantasy game where strategy is performed in real time. Here in the Hermeian galaxy you will build, and fight your way to victory, while growing your mining colony, battling monsters and trade valuable items and resources. Powered by Vorto Network, you can trade your NFTs, heroes and resources on the Network Marketplace while embracing the decentralized future of gaming. Hash Rush is currently in exclusive playtesting with a beta in the works for Q2 2022 and a full launch in 2022



Play-to-earn NFT racer powered by Solana.

Discover what happens when artificial intelligence wipes out human culture, before remixing the world to bring it back.

Big Time


A fast-paced cooperative RPG.

Big Time is a free-to-play, fast-paced cooperative action RPG that guides players, in groups of six, on a journey through time with historical battles and adventures to reach the final city where the greatest minds from history are gathered. Each player holds a personalized time machine allowing them to collect different valuable in-game items.

Fancy Birds


Fancy Birds is a pixelated mobile game rewarding players for their skills.

This pixelated game allows players to race, redeem, compete, breed and earn in various game modes. There’s PVP, PVE and special events such as tournaments that give players the possibility to claim their place in the Treehouse, a special place for the Fancy Bird community.

Nyan Heroes


Nyan Heroes is an NFT game built on the Solana blockchain featuring cute cats called Nyans and deadly robots as their Guardians.

Nyan Heroes is focusing on developing a highly enjoyable game in a popular existing genre. At the core of the development, there’s a strong focus on implementing an economic architecture that balances the net inflows via paid players and outflows via farmers so that the game remains sustainable for the long term.



Siper is an NFT-gaming project that’s developing an immersive open world social experience built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Learn the deep and hidden secrets of Sipheria through adventures. Discover relics of the past then build and develop your character in different ways with various strengths, skills and attributes.

Summoners Arena


Summoners Arena is an innovative idle-RPG game built on Binance Smart Chain.

This idle-RPG game integrates traditional and blockchain gaming through profound lore and immersive gameplay.



CyBall is an NFT-based football (soccer) game where players can interact within a complex metaverse that embraces the play-to-earn model.

The core principle of the game is simple: two players compete against each other to see who can score the most goals. However, things get interesting when you take four different game modules where players can train their CyBlocs to increase their performance.

Vulcan Verse


VulcanVerse is an open-world massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

VulcanVerse is an open-world massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with lore written by fighting fantasy authors. Inside VulcanVerse, players can truly own assets in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). In VulcanVerse, create your own quests and adventures, forage for NFTs, and battle against other Vulcanites. The native token for VulcanVerse, $PYR, is used as a settlement, staking, and gaming token.



Genopets is an upcoming mobile game on the Solana blockchain, which encourages and rewards real-world movement and exercise.

By integrating with your smartphone or fitness tracking device, Genopets will be able to track your physical activity and reward you with experience points, XP. In short, the more active your lifestyle, the more XP you can earn. Every step in the real world allows you to take another step in the expansive Genoverse.

UFO Gaming


UFO Gaming is a fully decentralized gaming platform bridging traditional games onto the blockchain and giving players the ability to earn while playing

The first game in The Dark Metaverse is Super Galactic. The game will be an RPG where players can scroll through the metaverse competing in quests and missions with their playable characters called UFOeps.

Axie Infinity


Axie Infinity describes itself as a Pokémon-inspired universe where anyone can earn tokens through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. In the game, players can battle, collect, raise, and build a land-based kingdom for their pets.

In a strong collaboration with Axie Infinity, Merit Circle has been a long-term supporter and contributor to the Axie Infinity community. Our DAO's activities emerged from owning a single Axie evolving into a large operation involving thousands of individuals across the globe. We are constantly evolving our in-game activities to maximize our returns across the board.



Journey across a vast and varied landscape on your quest to hunt and capture deity-like creatures called Illuvials.

Unusual shapes, unexpected locations, immersive concepts, spaces with a story. We’re on the hunt for people who will challenge the very. An open-world RPG adventure game built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Journey across a vast and varied landscape on your quest to hunt and capture deity-like creatures called Illuvials. Discover the cause of the cataclysm that shattered this land.

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